Mosaic Tile in Atlanta Floor Coverings International Intown AtlantaMosaic tile has been around for a long time yet it still remains a popular flooring choice for Atlanta homeowners. If you are considering your next flooring project, Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta can help! Learn a little more about mosaic tile and then head on over to our product gallery to take a look at some of our excellent offerings.

How is Mosaic Tile Made?

While mosaic tile was originally installed on-site by placing single pieces of stone and glass down onto a base flooring material like cement, it is now possible to buy pre-made mosaic tiles that are installed as larger sections, like any other tile flooring. Not only is this more practical for many homeowners, but it also tends to be a cheaper method of installation.

Because mosaic is an amalgamation of materials, it can be created with a nearly endless number of different stones and glass. Combinations and patterns abound with mosaic tile, making them a great choice for homeowners who want a customized floor for their home.

Where to Use Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile can be extremely luxurious, which makes them a wonderful flooring option for bathrooms that you want to give a spa-like feel too. Glass tiles are great for bathroom mosaic flooring as their water-resistant nature can prevent the growth of mold. Relatedly, glass tile will also resist being stained or etched by excessive moisture. For these same reasons, glass mosaic tile is also a good choice for kitchens. Natural stone mosaic flooring, which can be a little more prone to staining, is better saved for hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms.

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