atlanta tile backsplash designsInstalling a kitchen backsplash is a small project that packs a powerful punch for your kitchen’s décor and functionality. Backsplashes not only prevent spills and splatters from staining your walls, but they also breathe new life into your design scheme and create a focal point in your kitchen. At Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we’re proud to provide a host of different backsplash options for the Atlanta and Buckhead areas.

If you’re thinking about adding a backsplash to your kitchen, know that the sky is truly the limit when it comes to your design choices; backsplashes can be made from tile, metals, or stone and arranged in any number of different options. For those at the very beginning of the process, though, there are a number of popular designs in the Atlanta area that are a good starting point for any project.

Popular Atlanta Backsplash Designs

Backsplashes are highly customizable, but for those looking for a starting point, the following design styles are popular in the Atlanta area:

Subway Tile Backsplash – Subway tile draw from the classic look of New York City’s underground. Homeowners can choose to opt for the traditional, white, 4 x 6 tiles that Manhattan is famous for or enjoy any of the many popular derivatives. New York City inspired tiling now comes in a variety of styles and sizes but all keep the same ratio of the original subway tiling.

Mosaic Tile Backsplash – Mosaic tile backsplashes take their name from mosaic artwork, which uses small pieces of glass or tile to create beautiful, multi-colored, images. Mosaic tile backsplashes are an especially smart choice for homeowners who are interested in brightening their kitchens. These tiles tend to reflect light well, so they make any kitchen look roomier and brighter.

Tin Tile Backsplash – Tin tile backsplashes infuse a modern touch into your design. Tin tiles bring a sense of luxury to the home, and just like mosaic tiles, they often reflect light well.

To start on your backsplash project, call Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta today. We proudly serve the greater Atlanta area, including the Midtown Atlanta and Buckhead areas.

Photo: John Wollwerth