Laminate flooring is a hugely popular flooring surface for residents in the Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown areas. And rightfully so – it’s a durable, versatile, and beautiful option for homeowners. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta outline the pros of laminate flooring in Atlanta.

laminate living room

Laminate flooring is durable

Laminate flooring’s unique composition gives it tremendous durability. Laminate is made of four layers of synthetic materials including a core layer made of high density fiberboard. This structure makes laminate flooring almost indestructible and is great for high traffic areas of your home. If you have pets, note that laminate flooring is resistant to scratching. It will also withstand stains, spills, and sunlight. To top it off, many of the laminate flooring manufacturers we work with offer extended warranties on their laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is versatile

Laminate flooring can go on top of and next to virtually any flooring surface. If your subfloor is made of concrete, wood, plywood, or previously installed vinyl flooring, our experts at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta can install laminate flooring over the top. Laminate floors also transition well next to other flooring surfaces like hardwood, tile, and stone. This is partly because of the variety of trims and moldings available with laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is beautiful

Our laminate flooring manufacturers are on the cutting edge of high definition printing technology, meaning our laminate floors can be made to simulate nearly any flooring surface. Popular types include laminate wood, laminate tile, and laminate stone. Our customers have told us they appreciate the beauty of laminate flooring without some of the higher costs of real hardwood, stone, and tile.


Our experts at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta are just getting you warmed up in your search for the perfect laminate floor. Give us a call today! We’re ready to answer your questions. We also offer free in-home estimates for residents of the Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown areas.


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