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For many Atlanta homeowners, oak may be the traditional hardwood of choice. Oak is indeed a durable and reliable hardwood for classic flooring. But at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we love the sheer range of flooring styles provided by mother nature. Trees can be quite diverse and we have created a quick list of three hardwoods that are unlike any other.


This hardwood is remarkable for its highly unusual grain pattern of jagged striping, similar to that of a tiger’s coat. These stripes may vary from thin traces to broad dagger-like bolts. The surface texture of tigerwood may range from orange to deep brown, and it can also produce an oily-looking luster. It is very dense, rating highly on the Janka hardness test, so it won’t crack easily. Tigerwood also tends to resist decay and makes for a resilient, exotic flooring choice.


Ebony is a hardwood of African origin, often found in swampy areas or other lowlands. Reportedly it was a favorite of the ancient pharaohs, and it is a great challenge for woodworkers to craft with. Only a small percentage of ebony wood can produce the inky black tone that makes it famous, and it is often the heartwood of ebony that features this color. Ebony is another example of dense hardwood, which can be demonstrated by watching it sink in water! If you have ebony flooring installed in your home, be sure to protect it with a strong finish. If ebony gets scraped up, it is more visible than with other, light-colored hardwoods.

Intown Atlanta exotic hardwoodSnakewood

Another animal-titled hardwood, snakewood bears a startling grain pattern that resembles the scales of a serpent. Other impressions of the grain hold that it looks like an unidentifiable script, so it is sometimes also called “letterwood.” It is harvested from a small, rare species of tree in Central and South America. According to the Janka test, snakewood is yet another very dense wood, and is commonly used to manufacture violin bows or other tool handles.

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