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If you find yourself touring a new Atlanta home, chances are that it has plank floors. This trendy style of hardwood has taken the greater Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown area by storm during the last decade; however, it has its roots in early colonial America. Read on for more information about plank hardwood from the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta.

Plank Hardwood Revival

Up until the last ten years, the prevailing style of hardwood floors for most of American history was strip hardwood, or hardwood that is less than six inches in width. During the industrial revolution, hardwood flooring widths were standardized to two and three quarters or three inches. That’s why most of the hardwood that you see in American homes is the same width.

Before the standards were in place, hardwood flooring was what we today would consider plank hardwood, or hardwood that is more than three inches in width. Before hardwood was cut in factories, most Americans built their homes—and floors—from local trees. Wider floorboards were ubiquitous because it made the most efficient use of each and every tree.

Today, Atlanta families choose plank and wide plank (hardwood that is six inches or wider) floors to pay homage to the rustic, authentic American spirit.

Why Plank Hardwood?

There are many advantages of plank hardwood floors, including:

  • Less maintenance. Plank is easier to clean and take care of because there is more surface area and less cracks for dust and debris to get caught in.
  • Larger, airier spaces. Homes that utilize a modern aesthetic have used plank hardwood in their designs for many years because it makes rooms see more open and airy.
  • Rustic charm. Plank hardwood gives your home a sense of authenticity.

Learn More

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