Atlanta cherry hardwood wood floorLooking for a classic hardwood flooring for your Atlanta home? Cherry is one of the more common wood options available and could be the perfect flooring for you. With its darker tone and reddish hue, cherry is a beautiful and timeless choice, regardless of your home’s style or era. We here at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta are proud to provide a variety of cherry flooring options—let us help you make the best decision for your home with these tips.

About Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Like maple or oak, cherry is a domestic hardwood that is commonly used for flooring. Cherry wood flooring is distinct for its reddish undertones, which are typically enhanced by medium or dark-toned stains. Its color can also darken from long-term exposure to light. In addition, cherry has a fine, even texture and distinct circular grain pattern. Cherry wood rates at a 995 on the Janka hardness scale, meaning that it is softer than oak, maple, hickory, and more exotic woods.

What to Consider when Choosing Cherry Floors

One of the benefits to cherry hardwood flooring is that it is available at different price points. Whether you’re looking for a classic, affordable wood flooring or hardwood with a unique hand-scraped finish, it’s available in our Product Gallery.

Also consider durability when purchasing cherry wood flooring. As previously mentioned, cherry is softer than other hardwoods, so it will require more care in order to maintain its look and feel over time. You may want to use felt pads under furniture to avoid scraping the wood, and to periodically rearrange furniture and rugs so that your floors keep a consistent color despite exposure to sunlight.

Differences from Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Despite their similarities in name, domestic cherry flooring (from the wood of cherry trees) is not the same as Brazilian cherry flooring. Brazilian cherry is also called “jatoba,” and does in fact come from the rainforests of Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. Jatoba is not actually from a cherry-producing tree, but is named for its dramatic dark red color. The wood is also extremely hard and durable, rating a 2820 on the Janka scale—considerably higher than traditional cherry.

Now that you know more about the many options in cherry wood flooring for those in the Atlanta area, be sure to check the offerings in our Product Gallery. Not sure which type of cherry flooring is right for your home? Give Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta a call—we’ll be happy to bring our full selection of product samples to you!

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