Atlanta carpet flooringAt Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we carry hundreds of carpet options, and we know that finding the perfect style of carpeting can be quite daunting. Even if you have a color in mind, there is pile type to consider. Here is some advice that we give to our Atlanta customers who are struggling to choose between cut pile and loop pile carpet.

Pile Type

The differences between cut pile and loop pile are easy to understand if you know the carpet manufacturing process. Tufted carpet—the vast majority of American wall-to-wall carpeting—is made by weaving yarn in and out of a backing material. The yarn can be made from a natural fiber, such as cotton or wool, or more commonly a synthetic like nylon or polyester. What results is row after row of loops. When these loops are left intact, you have loop pile carpeting. When each loop is severed resulting in two strands, you get cut pile carpet.


One of the main differences between loop pile and cut pile are their varying levels of durability. Loop pile carpeting is the most durable of the two because of the strength provided by its closed loops. In fact, loop pile is common in offices and even commercial settings. Much of the durability of cut pile carpeting depends on how much each fiber is twisted. Frieze carpet is strong and great at hiding dirt because its strands are wound up to ten times.


Although you sacrifice some durability when you choose cut pile, it’s hard to beat the warm, soft feel of cut pile carpeting under your feet. That’s why it’s so popular in Atlanta bedrooms and family rooms.

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