loop pile carpeting in atlantaThe flooring world is full of jargon, and carpeting is no exception. At Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we help families in the greater Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown area navigate the complexities of carpet buying. When it comes to carpet, loop pile is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Read on for more information about this type of carpeting and why it is a great fit for Atlanta homeowners.

The Tufted Carpets

There are hundreds of styles of carpeting, but they can all be put into specific categories. The first big division is between woven carpets and tufted carpets. Basically, woven carpets consist of knots. Tufted carpets are manufactured by injecting yarn in and out of a soft, supportive backing material. This results in row after row of “loops” of carpet fibers. There are two different types of tufted carpeting: cut pile and loop pile. When you leave the loops intact, you have loop pile. Sever each loop, and you get cut pile.

Why Loop Pile?

Loop pile carpeting is hardy. In fact, it’s a staple in offices, hotels, and convention centers across the United States. Some retail environments even make use of this tough, durable carpet option. You may not find it in Atlanta homes because it lacks a certain comfort, however, it’s a great option for areas of your home with high foot traffic, such as entryways, hallways, and living rooms. And with hundreds of styles, patterns, and colors, you’re bound to find the perfect loop pile carpeting for your home.

Get Started

In the market for new carpeting? You’re in the right place. At Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we help Atlanta families find their dream flooring. We provide excellent service, quality flooring products, and professional installation services to homeowners in the greater Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown area. Simply give us a call to schedule a free, in-home consultation, and find your dream floors today!

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