atlanta frieze carpetingAtlanta homeowners cannot get enough of frieze carpeting. Pronounced “freeze”, this warm and soft type of carpet is perfect for your bedroom or living room. At Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we carry thousands of flooring options. That’s why families in the greater Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown are trust us with their carpeting needs. Here is some more information about frieze carpet:

Tightly Wound

Frieze is a cut pile carpet. This means that during the carpet manufacturing process, its loops have been severed to form individual strands. What makes frieze unique is its long, highly twisted strands. Whereas most carpeting is twisted two or three times, each carpet fiber of a frieze carpet is twisted upwards of ten times. This adds strength as well as its characteristic tousled appearance.


The tightly twisted fibers in frieze carpeting give it great strength. That’s why many Atlanta families choose frieze for high traffics parts of the home, such as hallways and the family room. Its long, shaggy fibers are great at hiding dirt and footprints.


Frieze carpeting feels soft and warm underfoot. Because of its bulk and weight, frieze is highly insulating. This results in lower heating and cooling bills.


The casual, shaggy look and feel of frieze is very popular with Atlanta homeowners. It looks warm and inviting. Frieze comes in any conceivable color, from dark earth tones to classic gray.

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At Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we work to help homeowners in the greater Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown area find meet their flooring needs. What sets us apart from our competitors is our quality products, friendly service, and experienced installation. We also offer free, in-home consultations. Simply call to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained design associates, and they will deliver flooring samples right to your door. Don’t wait; find your dream flooring today!

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