Not every type of flooring can or should be installed in every room of your home. Some types of flooring do not do well in humid or moist environments and some types are unable to withstand large amounts of foot traffic. Our team at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta is here to help! If you are looking to install laminate flooring in your Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown home, here are a few of the best rooms to install it in. 

Best Rooms to Install Laminate Flooring

Here are some of the best places in your home to install laminate floors:

1. Living Room and Family Rooms

Laminate flooring is a great option for living rooms and family rooms. Laminate flooring can help to make your living room or family room feel warm and inviting. Laminate is also easy to clean, which means that any food or drinks that may be spilled while watching a movie or playing a board game can be quickly cleaned up without a hassle.

2. Hallways and Entryways

Another area to consider installing laminate flooring is in your hallway or entryway. One of the major benefits associated with laminate flooring is that it is able to withstand heavy amounts of foot traffic. This makes it a great option for hallways and entryways which tend to sustain the most amount of wear in a house. Carpet tends to collect dirt and debris, and hardwood can be a poor choice for entryways where water may get tracked into the house. Laminate can give you the look of hardwood while being water-resistant!

3. Bedrooms

Bedrooms can be a good place for laminate flooring as well. Many people are hesitant to install hardwood or laminate in their bedrooms, as they feel it will make the room colder or feel cold on their feet in the morning. Laying down a throw rug on top of the laminate floors can help to counteract the cold. Laminate is a good choice in bedrooms as it is easy to clean and doesn’t hold in dust the way carpet does, helping to ensure your room is cleaner.

Add Laminate to Your Intown Atlanta Home Today

One of the top benefits of laminate flooring is that it does well in high-traffic areas. This makes it a great choice for living rooms, family rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. To learn more about laminate, see samples, and figure out if it’s the right flooring for your project, contact Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta today! Let us help you determine the right types of flooring for your Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown home, starting with a free in-home design consultation.

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