cleaning hardwood intown atlanta

There is no shortage of benefits to having hardwood flooring in your home. It’s low maintenance, doesn’t retain dust and other allergens, offers great design flexibility and enhances a room’s décor. Not to mention that it’s a natural material that’s sustainably grown and harvested from trees. A durable option that works with any aesthetic, hardwood is a favorite for many homeowners in Atlanta. In order to get the lasting value hardwood floors provide to a home, you need to show them a little love every once in awhile.

Here are a few tips on protecting your investment and caring for your hardwood flooring:

Placement of Rugs and Mats
Place mats or rugs in entryways to catch the dirt and grime people carry in with their shoes. Dirt granules can cause scratches on the surface of your hardwood, so not tracking it in is important. You should also place a mat under the kitchen sink to catch water and protect it from destroying your floors your over time.

Regular Cleaning
Dirt and grime will find their way onto your floor, so routine cleaning is important to keep its quality. You don’t ever want to wet mop a hardwood floor, as standing water can cause damage and discoloration. You also don’t want to use abrasive scrubbers that might cause scratches or destroy your floor’s finish. Sweep the floor often with a properly treated dust mop and use an approved floor cleaner that is compatible with the finish to remove any marks.

Be Careful What You Place And Where
You need to be careful of what furniture you place on your hardwood floor, and even more careful when moving it! Placing heavy furniture directly on hardwood can cause dents, and dragging heavy furniture across hardwood will likely cause scratches. Since you obviously don’t want either of these things, be sure to place something underneath the part of the furniture that touches the floor so there’s a layer of protection. You’ll also want to pay attention to where you place things on your floor to limit sunlight exposure. Direct sunlight on your floor for too long can cause the finish to fade, leaving you with patches of different colors. Drapes and other barriers can come in handy in this situation.

Have Pets? Trim Those Nails!
At Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we love pets! Everyone should be able to enjoy a pet in their home regardless of their flooring choice. Protect your hardwood floors by regularly trimming and filing your pet’s nails so they are less likely to cause scratches.

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