While function, style, and durability are all great qualities for flooring, sometimes your top priority is simply comfort. Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta has you covered! We’ve compiled our top choices for the most comfortable flooring options available.


When seeking comfortable flooring, carpet is the obvious choice – it’s soft, warm, and cozy. That’s what makes it an ideal bedroom flooring option. There are a variety of carpeting materials and styles to choose from, however. Which ones are the most comfortable?

For material, we recommend wool or nylon. Not only are these materials incredibly soft and warm, but they’re also durable. As for style, consider plush carpeting. This ultra-soft carpet style has a smooth surface and dense texture.

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Cork Flooring

Natural and unique, cork flooring is an unusual option that’s grown in popularity among Atlanta homeowners. Cork flooring will compress underfoot, springing back up when pressure is removed. The result is a distinct, forgiving, and soft texture. Cork also retains heat far better than hardwood.

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Luxury Vinyl Planks

Used as a wood-look alternative, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are rewriting the reputation of vinyl flooring. Unlike sheet vinyl of the past, luxury vinyl planks are thicker, more durable, and resemble hardwood with photorealistic accuracy. LVPs are also more comfortable than the hardwoods they mimic. Slightly softer and warmer underfoot, LVPs are a great flooring option for homeowners who want the beauty of hardwood in their bedroom but with added comfort.

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