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You’ve changed the backsplash, installed new counters, and swapped out the old appliances with stainless steel ones. Yet you can’t figure out what else needs to be changed to improve the look of your kitchen and tie together your interior design style.

Kitchen flooring usually gets placed at the bottom of the list of home improvements when, in reality, updating the floor materials can instantly give the room a refreshing and new appearance without changing anything else in a kitchen. At Floor Coverings International, serving the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, we are always on the lookout for new trends, products, and methods for upgrading the kitchen flooring. Here are a few updates you may want to invest in when you are tired of the look of your old floors.

Hardwood Floors: Variety is Key

Decades ago, people didn’t install wood flooring in the kitchen because they were worried about staining and scratches. Now, hardwood floors have been sharing the limelight with tile floor options due to the material’s beauty, warmth, and longevity when well maintained. You can select from eco-friendly and sustainable wood materials such as bamboo, vintage-inspired distressed reclaimed wood, or luxurious and rich hardwood such as cherry or oak.

The reason you may have bypassed hardwood floors in the past was because of the installation process. Yet engineered hardwood can be quickly placed over the existing materials as a floating floor, allowing for a much shorter timeline.

Vinyl Tile Floors: No Longer Just a Throwback

Vinyl tile has been a popular flooring material for over 50 years thanks to its budget-friendly costs and durability to resist stains, water, and scratches. The types of colors and styles on the market today are incredible, and will no longer remind you of your grandmother’s outdated design styles of years past. The tiles can take the appearance of other materials that include stone or wood. They can be installed with adhesive backing, glue, or even grouted in place, and installation may only take an up to 8 hours, depending on a variety of factors.

Natural Stone Floors: Get Creative

The trends of natural stone floors are still popular in the Atlanta area today, as people rely on this material to resist stains, water, and pet claws. Yet natural stone floors can lend an artistic flair to your kitchen as well. Checkerboard designs with different colors and sizes of tiles can instantly capture your fun personality. You can also place natural stone in patterns such as large mosaics, borders of different colors or stone materials, or even festive colorful stripes.

Paints and Stains: Upgrades Without the Installation

Flooring is such a wonderful material that can be changed with very little effort when you don’t have the funds to install new materials. You can paint wood flooring designs, patterns, and even pictures with the use of stencils. Staining your wood floors is a great way to add a personal touch. As an added bonus, simply updating your area rugs can do wonders to rejuvenate your kitchen.

If you are looking for tips and advice on how to upgrade your kitchen floor, contact Floor Coverings International. Our design associates are ready to assist you! Proudly serving the greater Atlanta area including Midtown and Buckhead.

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