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For many Atlanta homeowners, dogs and cats are considered members of the family. This means that special precautions need to be taken to minimize the wear and tear that animals can have on your home—especially the carpets. Here at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we work with Atlanta pet owners to find the right carpeting for their furry friends. Read on for more information about keeping your carpets in great shape with pets.

Hair, Hair Everywhere

One of the biggest threats to clean carpeting when you have pets is their hair. Shedding is natural and—depending on the bread—largely seasonal. In the fall, dogs start to grow in their undercoat for winter, and in the spring, they lose it. Be sure to comb your cat or dog regularly to thin out their hair and minimize shedding on your carpets.

Don’t Sit There!

It’s easy to spot your pet’s favorite spot to nap, especially on the floor. Over time, their hairs wear away at the fibers and can discolor your carpeting. An easy solution to this problem is to buy your canine or feline companion a small bed or pad to sleep on, ensuring restful sleep and a well-maintained carpet.

Trim Their Nails

Your dog’s nails can wreck havoc on your new carpets. If his nails extend to below his pads—you can hear it clicking when he walks on a hard surface—its time to give his nails a trim. This can be done at home, however, if you aren’t comfortable, your local veterinarian can give you instruction. For cats, be sure that you have a starching post available to give it an outlet for its scratching.

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For more information about keeping your carpets in pristine condition despite pet ownership, give your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta a call today. We help families in the greater Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown area.

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