The bedroom is a great place for carpet. It helps ease the transition in the morning when you get out of your warm bed and start your day. It’s also perfect for children’s bedrooms, where they tend to spend a lot of time on the floor playing. The bedroom is a place for comfort and relaxation, and carpet is a great way to make your room a cozy and inviting place! We offer a variety of carpet options in the Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown area, and our team at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta has seen many different options work in bedrooms. It all depends on what you’re looking for! Here are some great ideas for bedroom carpet:bedroom carpet

1) Plush Carpet

If comfort is your top priority, plush carpet may be the way to go! This soft, cloud-like carpet can give your bedroom a cozy, luxurious feeling. The way the carpet fibers are cut creates a level, cushiony ground to walk on. Pair this with a memory foam, and you’ll truly feel like you’re walking on a cloud! 

2) Saxony Carpet

If you’re looking for a standard, affordable, and functional carpet, Saxony carpet may be a good choice for you. This is a cut pile carpet that sometimes has a slight twist in the fibers to create some extra texture. These carpets can be made in a range of materials from polyester to natural fibers, making it convenient to find one in your budget. 

3) Wool Carpet

Although it can cost a little extra, wool carpets are a sustainable, natural, and comfortable carpeting option. This carpet is soft and durable, guaranteed to make your feet happy as you get ready in the morning. Besides being an overall high-quality option, wool also has the added benefit of absorbing dye well, so the carpets tend to have nice vibrant color. luxurious bedroom carpeting

4) Area Rug

May you have an old house will gorgeous, original hardwood floors, or you avoid carpet due to the potential allergens it can hold. A good way to add some cozy comfort to your bedroom without carpeting it is an area rug! This gives you greater flexibility while still having comfort for your feet.

Add Bedroom Carpet to Your Atlanta Home

Whatever bedroom flooring you choose, Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta is ready to help you with finding the perfect fit and installing it to perfection. We even offer free in-home consultations to the Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown area, so you can see the options from the comfort of your own home!

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