flooring Intown AtlantaYou have decided it’s time to replace the floor in your home. There are so many choices to be made. You settled on your material but now it’s time to decide on a color. We at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta understand how tricky choosing flooring can be, so here are some tips and tricks to help you decide on the perfect floor color for your home.

Tip #1: Light Changes

The way that natural light appears in a room will change throughout the day. When you bring home floor samples, make sure you consider the way they look in key lighting points. Look at the color of the sample in the morning and evening when the light is soft and indirect. Check again in the afternoon when the sun is at its peak and the light in the room is harsh and direct. Finally, consider the appearance of the sample at night when there is only artificial light in your home. The color may appear different depending on the light it’s in and your impression may change. It’s important to consider them all when making your decision

Tip # 2: Color Influences Space

Consider how you use the space the floor will be installed in and match the color based on the atmosphere you would like to create. Light colors are bright and happy. They create a sense of openness and calm. Dark colors are serious. Their contrast will give a room a modern and edgy vibe.

Tip #3: Color as an Illusion

Naturally, color influences the overall appearance of a room. The way we think about clothing can also be applied to flooring. Black is considered to have a slimming effect so therefore darker colors will make a room feel smaller. Dark floors are excellent for large, open rooms with lots of space. It can make them feel more intimate. Whereas on the other hand, you can open up a small room and create the illusion of space by utilizing light colors.

Choosing a floor color can be a difficult decision, but it doesn’t have to be! Contact our experts at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta for a flooring consultation and let them help you find the perfect floor for your design needs. Schedule a free in-home design consultation and estimation today!

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