fall flooring atlanta hardwood

Changing leaves, Halloween, and sweater weather: fall sure is great! Here at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we love fall and the cornucopia of great things that come with it. Traditionally, fall has been a time of harvest—literally reaping what you sewed in the spring—which is why, for example, we carve pumpkins on Halloween and eat sweet potatoes during Thanksgiving. Here are three flooring options that capture this unique autumnal aesthetic.

Reclaimed Hardwood

An emerging trend, many Atlanta homeowners love the look and feel of reclaimed hardwood. Taken from old barns and demolished buildings, this hardwood option is the best way to incorporate a piece of history in your home. Its rustic authenticity feels right at home during the fall.

Frieze Carpeting

As the season changes, so do the temperatures. During the colder winter months, few Atlanta families regret investing in custom frieze carpeting. This fuzzy cut pile carpeting is famous for its characteristically “tousled” look and feel. To make this shaggy carpet, each strand is twisted up to ten times. In addition to its look, the twists add durability and are great at hiding dirt and footprints.

Hickory Hardwood

One of the hardest domestic hardwoods, with a Janka hardness score of 1,800, is hickory. But that’s not what makes its perfect for the fall. Hickory is known for its rustic look due to its huge color variation from board to board. In fact, many Atlanta families choose wide plank hardwood to give each plank room to show its beautiful wood grain. This authentic hardwood harks back to a time when hardwood was made from local trees. It’s the perfect flooring option for fall!

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For more information about the best flooring options for fall, reach out to your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta. With friendly service, quality products, and expert installation, we are sure to help you find the floors of your dreams.

Photo © Sean Pavone