IFCIbasketballt’s no doubt that March Madness is a sports phenomenon that takes over the attention of basketball fans across the country. The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is a single-elimination tournament played each spring, and in addition to all of the preparation the teams go through to make it to the tournament, you wouldn’t believe the care involved in making sure each basketball court is up to snuff.

If the proper mop isn’t used, dirt, dust and other gritty particles will collect on the floor – making it slippery and dangerous for the players. Spills or moisture on the floor can also cause problems. How does this apply to you?  Many of the same maintenance rules they use to care for the hardwood court, you can use for your hardwood floor at home. Here are a few do’s and don’t’s when it comes to caring for your hardwood flooring:

DO: Use hardwood flooring savers on the bottom of your furniture and make sure the weight of the item won’t damage the flooring.

DON’T: Use abrasive scrubbers to clean your hardwood flooring. They may destroy the finish and leave your floor uneven or with scratches.

DO: Keep water off of the floor’s surface and immediately remove any spills or moisture.

DON’T: Use common household cleaning products on your floors. They can cause damage to the flooring or leave them feeling sticky or slippery.

DO: Sweep the floor often with a properly treated dust mop and use an approved floor cleaner that is compatible with the finish to remove any marks.

DON’T: Drag anything across the floor or allow pets with sharp nails to run across the floor. This can also damage the finish.

DO: Limit sunlight exposure using drapes and other barriers. Direct sunlight on your floor for too long can cause the finish to fade, leaving you with patches of different colors.

DON’T: Try to modify or repair a damaged floor on your own. Give the experts at Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta a call at 678.466.0324!

With today’s advances in wood flooring, installing and maintaining your hardwood has never been easier. Hardwood flooring provides many benefits like adding warmth and beauty to your home, offering great design flexibility and enhancing your home’s decor. Take a look at our online product gallery to see the the different types of hardwood we offer and schedule your free in-home design consultation today. And, of course, best of luck to your favorite team in the Big Dance!