atlanta carpet flooringNew custom flooring is a big investment, but high quality, professionally installed carpeting can last for decades. At Floor Coverings International Intown Atlanta, we provide quality products and expertise to families living in the greater Buckhead, Atlanta, Midtown area. Our customers often ask us for tips on how to make their new carpeting stand the test of time. Read on for more information.


It may seem obvious, but most Atlanta homeowners do not vacuum enough. According to the experts, you should vacuum at least once per week. Vacuuming does more than removing dirt and allergens from your carpet. It also removes sand and other gritty materials that can cause damage to your carpet over time. Families with children or pets should vacuum even more frequently to prevent damage.

Steam Clean

Many homeowners will steam clean to remove stains, a spilled glass of merlot for example. All of your carpet needs attention, however, which is why we recommend annual steam cleaning. If you are feeling industrious, most major home improvement stores offer steam cleaner rentals as well as machines for purchase. Hire a professional steam cleaner to maximize the life of your carpet. Their industrial-grade cleaning equipment can remove contaminants from deep within your carpet’s fibers, adding years to its life.

Take Off Your Shoes

In some homes, this is a given. In others, it is a great option for minimizing the need for vacuuming and steam cleaning in the first place. We wear shoes to protect our feet from the outdoors. If you’ve ever looked at the bottoms of your shoes after a long day of walking, this should be obvious. Establish a shoes-off policy for your home.

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